Construction Products

Ladder and Truss

Our Ladder and Truss System is designed for embedment in the horizontal joints of masonry. Available in regular, heavy duty and extra heavy duty. Finish in mill galvanized and stainless steel. This system meets CSA standards.

Construction Dowel

Our Dowels are available in different diameters, lengths, materials and coatings. They can be fastened using our Nail and Clip accessory and is meant to be used in concrete pavement.

Dowel Basket

Our Dowel Baskets are to be used with our construction dowels to help transfer wheel loads in concrete. They can be fastened using our Nail and Clip accessory and help prolong the life of concrete.

Snap Ties

Our Snap Ties are used for plank and panel forms with walling. They are placed in between face and panel joints. Ties without adjustable disk stops are manufactured with or without rupture points.

Coil Tie

Our Coil Ties can be used with or without cones, and can be combined with our Coil Rods to make an adjustable tie. The result is a larger tie system compared to that of a standard Snap Tie System.

Lag Stud Handle with Plates

Lag Nuts and Handle Lag Nuts are available in 1/2", 3/4", 1", and 1-1/4" diameters with contour thread. The Handle Lag Nut eliminates the need of a wrench and makes installation and stripping fast and simple.

Basket Nail and Clip

Our Basket Nail and Clip accessory is meant to be used in combination with our Basket Dowel. They are made of galvanized steel and are only available in one length. Nails and Clips are both sold separately.

Double Form Tie

The Double Form Tie, eliminates wedges, walers, wood spreaders and No.9 wire twisting. It is available in many sizes and is made to fit 2" x 3" and 2" x 4" studs.

Flat Ties

These ties are designed to hold light weight 11/16" plywood sheets during concrete pouring in foundations. This low cost, light weight system can be used for over 100 pours and are available in ready-made sizes, or can be made in accordance with specific patterns and custom made lengths.

H Clips

Our H-Clips are meant to be used with plywood sheets. They have a mill galvanized finish and are made in 3/8", 7/16", 15/32", 1/2", 5/8" widths. They are available in bags of 250 pieces.