Custom Products

Alignment Jack

Our Adjustable Jack is designed and manufactured to support masonry towers. It's design and craftsmanship respect our highest standards and is available with a Zinc plated finish.

Mirror Bracket

These Mirror brackets are made out of metal and can be used to accommodate any size mirror.

Space Saver

Our Space Saver system is made out of galvanized metal, adjustable up to 48cm in diameter. It is designed to hook onto metal railings and/or balconies to support garbage cans or any other circular object that fits inside it's internal diameter in order to save space.

Shoe Shanks

These Shoe Shanks are custom-made spring steel annealed parts used in the manufacturing of shoe soles.

Fire Extinguisher Bracket and Clip

Our Fire Extinguisher Bracket and Clip support offers a simple but effective system to hang fire extinguishers. Available in in different sizes and finishes.

Bottle Basket System

The Bottle and Basket System provide a method for cleaning and drying industrial glass bottles . It is available in 30 or 16 bottle capacities.

Construction Pan

Our Construction Pan, used for cement mixing can be manufactured in custom sizes.

Scaffolding System

Our Scaffolding System makes working on bridges simple and safe. Made out of steel, it supports plywood flooring and 2x4 security railings, allowing workers to stand securely while accomplishing tasks.